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Other businesses
Harmony Night
Harmony Night
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Grand case logo Get a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy a virtual tour of the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean. The gentle sounds from the turquoise waters of the bay set the stage for a relaxing lunch at a beachfront bistro. Spend the day on one of the calmest beaches on the island, perfect for children, but with beach bars lively enough to keep the parents amused also. The area comes alive at night when the finest restaurants in the Caribbean show off their best. Large and comfortable hotels are located at each end of town and cozy guesthouses line the street. Grand Case has it all in one convenient location.
Have you ever made your own perfume? Take a class at Tijon and you'll bring back a very personal souvenir. The photo above was taken from Grand Case Beach Club, one of the best places in the world for sunset watching. Have a drink and await the elusive "green flash" - the little dot of green as the sun sinks into the sea.

These merchants in Grand Case are concerned about your safety. They have formed an association (ARCHA) and have hired private security, three officers, each responsible for a section of restaurant row. The gendarmes (French officers) have also been seen patrolling the streets on foot! The Municipality has also sent some of its officers to patrol the streets.

Hotels and Residences:
Grand Case Beach Club
Le Petit Hotel
Bleu Emeraude
Auberge Gourmande
Bistrot Caraïbes
Piazza Pascal
Le Pressoir
Le Tastevin
La Villa
Ocean 82
Calmos Cafe
Blue Martini
Le Soleil
Le Cottage
Tijon Perfumery
La boutique D'Anaise
La Boutique D'anaise
Cotton Club SXM
La Boheme
Sexy Fruits
Simple Elegance

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